The MiMa5 is a powerbank used to wirelessly charge your smartphone and tablet



Project Details


Datum: May 2016

Just putting your smartphone on a powerbank to charge it. This is possible with the MiMA5 wireless charging unit. The Qi TM technique allows you to charge your smartphone through induction.
Besides two wireless spots, you can also connect three USB cables to the powerbank. The MiMa5 can charge up to eight devices at one time.
Starting from the user function we drew the first sketches and thought about the way we would experience wireless charging in living-rooms and hotel/restaurant business. We quickly moved over to production possbilities, which would determine the definite shape. The aim was to create a sleek and thin design as possible.


The first design prospects of the MiMa5 combined with the material options.


The final result shows a sleek aluminum body with a synthetic surface. The design is neutral and fits into different styled interiors. You just have to put your phone on top of the device to charge it.

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