Six steps to succes with bds: a comprehensive product design journey

Discover how our design studio transforms visionary ideas into successful products with a unique six-step process—where creativity meets precision and practicality.

At Boonen Design Studio, we pride ourselves on transforming innovative ideas into market-ready products. Our unique six-step process ensures a meticulous approach to product design, combining creativity with technical precision. This product design journey not only focuses on ideation and concept development but also emphasizes the critical pre-engineering and engineering phases. Here’s a detailed look at our roadmap to success:

Step 1: Research Phase

Preliminary research based on problem, user, product, market, and necessity.

The foundation of any successful product lies in thorough research. During this phase, we dive deep into understanding the problem, the end-users, the market landscape, and the essential requirements. Our team conducts extensive market analysis, user interviews, and competitive research to gather valuable insights. This ensures that the product is not only innovative but also aligns with market demands and user needs.

Step 2: Concept Phase

Generating and visualizing different concepts through brainstorming and sketch sessions, mood boards, and AI rendering.

Once we have a clear understanding of the problem and market needs, we move on to the concept phase. This is where creativity flows freely. We conduct brainstorming sessions, create mood boards, and develop initial sketches. Utilizing advanced AI rendering tools, we visualize multiple concepts, allowing us to explore a wide range of possibilities. The goal is to generate innovative ideas that are both feasible and aligned with the user’s needs.

Step 3: Pre-Engineering Phase

Developing concept ideas into technical products with choices for production techniques, manufacturability, and scalability.

Turning a concept into a tangible product requires meticulous planning and technical expertise. In the pre-engineering phase, we refine the selected concepts into detailed technical designs. This involves choosing appropriate production techniques, ensuring manufacturability, and considering scalability. Our team uses advanced 3D CAD modeling and simulation tools to develop robust technical solutions that lay the groundwork for the next stages.

Step 4: Engineering Phase

Production drawings and technical detailing of components for production, assembly, and installation.

The engineering phase is where the detailed technical aspects of the product come to life. We create comprehensive production drawings and technical specifications for each component. This phase includes tolerance analysis, material selection, and detailed engineering of parts. Our goal is to ensure that every aspect of the product is meticulously planned and ready for production, assembly, and installation.

Step 5: Pre-Production Phase

Preparing and testing the product for production. Assembly, assembly manuals, packaging, and quality control.

Before scaling up to mass production, we rigorously test the product to ensure it meets all requirements and performs as expected. The pre-production phase includes the creation of assembly manuals, packaging design, and thorough quality control checks. We build and test prototypes, refine the design, and make necessary adjustments to ensure the product is production-ready.

Step 6: Production Phase

Scaling up to mass production and market activation.

The final step is scaling up to mass production and preparing for market activation. We oversee the entire production process, ensuring that the product is manufactured to the highest standards. Additionally, we provide strategic guidance for marketing and communication, including social media strategies and copywriting. Our goal is to ensure a successful product launch that captures market attention and drives user engagement.


At Boonen Design Studio, our six-step product design journey is designed to ensure that every product we develop is innovative, technically advanced, and market-ready. By emphasizing both creative ideation and rigorous technical development, we deliver products that truly add value for our clients and society. Whether you have a nascent idea or a developed concept, our comprehensive approach ensures that your product will succeed in the market. Let’s embark on this journey together and turn your vision into reality.