We are experts in
industrial implementation.prototyping.production optimisation.

Our expertise in strategy, design, and engineering focuses on delivering products that are both production-efficient and market-ready.

This category focuses on items designed for everyday use, ranging from household goods to personal accessories, emphasizing functionality and user experience.

Furniture design encompasses the creation of objects intended for various spaces, including home, office, and public areas, prioritizing ergonomics, aesthetics, and sustainability.

Healthcare design involves developing products and systems for medical environments, with the aim of improving patient care, improving accessibility and supporting healthcare workers. It also includes tools or products that support activities of daily living (ADL), developing better tools for home care and facilitating independent living for the elderly and people with disabilities.

This category features solutions like ultralight folding bicycles, cutting-edge charging technology for mobility, and new shared mobility platforms. Aimed at boosting accessibility, convenience, and environmental sustainability, these innovations redefine modern transportation.

This category covers products that feature a distinct technological component, with UX/UI being a key element in their industrial design. It aims at improving user experiences by merging sophisticated technology with intuitive design principles.

Our Expertise

Business Design & Ideation

We delve into market analysis and scout for innovative opportunities, guiding visionary concepts towards strategically crafted, market-ready business solutions.

Industrial Design & Product Innovation

We create consumer products that are emotionally resonant and functionally superior, using sustainable materials, all tailored for market success.

Brand & Packaging Design

We approach brand and packaging design as an integral element of our industrial design and product innovation, ensuring cohesive and comprehensive market-ready products.

Marketing & Communication

We offer comprehensive services, covering everything from website design and content creation to social media management, SEO optimization, and copywriting,… All aimed at effectively activating and enhancing your brand, company, or product (launch).

Transforming Ideas,
Elevating Brands and
Empowering Businesses

Discover our journey of collaboration and innovation with a diverse array of companies, where their vision and our technical functionalism unite to create exceptional products – our portfolio speaks to the success of these partnerships.