Great minds in design

Discover the giants of design who inspire the innovative creations at Boonen Design Studio.

“Who’s your all-time favorite designer? What’s your all-time favorite design product?” These questions, first introduced by Seppe Gijsbers in our earlier discussion on The Dilemma of Favorites in Design, continue to spark insightful conversations among our team at Boonen Design Studio.

Continuing from that initial exploration of design preferences, our smart marketing intern from Hogeschool PXL delves deeper into understanding which design legends inspire us. This was Seppe’s masterful move to uncover the foundational influences shaping our work at BDS, revealing a wealth of design masters and thinkers whose philosophies and methods still underpin our contemporary design approach.

Over the years, great design thinkers like Mart Stam, Henry Dreyfuss, Eero Aarnio, and Charles and Ray Eames have had a lasting influence on our work at Boonen Design Studio. Their philosophies and approaches have helped us navigate the challenges of industrial design and create products that are both innovative and functional. Here, we share some key insights we’ve gained from studying these icons of design.

Innovative Materials and Minimalism: Lessons from Mart Stam

Mart Stam’s philosophy on sizing and minimalism remains highly relevant to modern industrial design. Stam emphasized that products should not be larger or heavier than necessary, and that efficiency and functionality should always be a priority. At Boonen Design Studio, we apply these principles by choosing sustainable and efficient materials that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also contribute to the functionality of the product. Stam’s approach to minimal sizing helps us create products that are user-friendly and cost-efficient, while meeting the needs of the user.

User-Centric Designing: Insights from Henry Dreyfuss

Henry Dreyfuss placed a strong emphasis on the importance of research and testing in the design process. His work stressed that successful products arise from a deep understanding of the user and their needs. At Boonen Design Studio, we implement this approach by conducting extensive user studies and testing prototypes in realistic scenarios. Dreyfuss’ methods of direct user involvement and observing consumers in their natural environment enable us to design products that are not only functional but also intuitive and easy to use.

The Future of Design: Visions from Eero Aarnio

Eero Aarnio’s innovative approach to shape and material inspires us to think outside traditional frameworks and experiment with new forms and structures. His work reminds us that design should not only be practical but also visually enriching and stimulating. At Boonen Design Studio, we strive to integrate Aarnio’s spirit of innovation and creativity in all our projects, aiming for designs that are both functionally innovative and aesthetically groundbreaking.

Collaboration and Co-Creation: Learning Points from Charles and Ray Eames

Charles and Ray Eames were pioneers in co-creation and multidisciplinary collaboration. Their work shows that the best designs often emerge from a collaborative creative process. At Boonen Design Studio, we strongly believe in the power of collaborating with others—from engineers and app developers to even occupational therapists—to come up with the most innovative and effective solutions. By working together, we can bring together different perspectives and expertise, resulting in more holistic and well-thought-out designs.”