More than just a charging post, Archie represents a community-centric solution addressing the growing need for electric vehicle charging facilities in condensed urban areas.

January 2020

Revolutionizing Community Charging

Archie is not just a charging post; it’s a community-centric solution to the growing need for electric vehicle (EV) charging facilities. Designed for installation against residential facades, particularly in areas with row houses, Archie stands out as a special façade charging post. Its core concept revolves around shared usage, allowing multiple neighbors to access a single charging point. This approach not only optimizes space but also makes electric vehicle charging more affordable and accessible in dense urban environments.

Technical Ingenuity and Design Complexity

The simplicity of Archie’s external appearance belies the technical complexity of its design. A critical element is its innovative hinge mechanism, which is crucial for ensuring the ease of use and durability of the charging post. This system involves a silent lever enclosed in a robust aluminum casing, providing a discreet yet functional presence on any property façade. The integration of LED lighting and a motorized arm system for cable management further underscores the ingenuity of Archie’s design, blending efficiency with user-friendly operation.

Archie as a Pioneering Company

Archie, as a company, represents a forward-thinking approach to community living and sustainable practices. Their focus on developing communal resources like shared charging posts aligns with the broader goal of supporting the green energy transition. Archie’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in their choice of materials, such as recycled aluminum, and in their service model, which promotes shared usage to reduce individual costs and environmental impact.

For more detailed information on Archie and their innovative charging solutions, visit the Archie website.