I-Drain AIO

I-Drain AIO group nivelles by bds

I-Drain AIO

Group Nivelles

The I-Drain AIO, equipped with a 360° rotatable siphon, offers unparalleled versatility in installation, enhancing convenience in modern shower spaces.

Group Nivelles

Revolutionizing Bathroom Design

The I-Drain AIO, a cutting-edge product from Group Nivelles, represents the pinnacle of modern drainage solutions. Designed with contemporary bathrooms in mind, the AIO boasts an all-in-one design with a high design quotient, seamlessly aligning with current trends. Its unique feature lies in its minimalist, nearly invisible drain, measuring just 33 mm in width, which elegantly solves water drainage needs while maintaining the aesthetic integrity of the shower space. The AIO reflects Group Nivelles’ commitment to innovating bathroom design, offering a product that is not just functional but also enhances the overall bathroom experience.

Group Nivelles: A Legacy of Quality and Design

Founded in 1994, Group Nivelles has evolved from importing and selling bathroom furniture to becoming a leading producer and distributor in the bathroom sector. The I-Drain AIO is a testament to their 25 years of expertise, showcasing their ability to blend quality, functionality, and design. As Belgium’s largest premium Solid Surface manufacturer, Group Nivelles brings its craftsmanship to the I-Drain AIO, ensuring it meets the highest standards of durability and design. This commitment is evident in every aspect of the I-Drain AIO, from its sleek stainless steel grate to its compatibility with various finishes and colors.

Technical Excellence and Versatility of the I-Drain AIO

It is not only aesthetically superior but also technically advanced. It features a unique siphon that can rotate 360°, allowing connections in any direction and both horizontal and vertical outlet options. Its low installation height makes it exceptionally easy to install, and its waterproofing is guaranteed for 25 years, exemplifying the product’s reliability and longevity. With adjustable lengths for a wall-to-wall effect and a maintenance-friendly design, including a removable hair catcher and a cleaning brush, the I-Drain AIO meets the needs of both homeowners and professionals, making it an ideal choice for modern shower spaces.

I-Drain AIO installed