Kasar is a game changer in the event business with its ultra-light, stackable monobloc designs.

FLEXFURN Kasar chair
July 2015

Monobloc Mastery in the Kasar Collection

The Kasar collection, consisting of bar stools and stacking chairs, is a remarkable innovation in the world of furniture. Its distinctive features include a highly ergonomic seat shell and a continuous line for the base, making it unique and easily recognizable in its sector. Drawing inspiration from the cosmos, specifically quasars where stars explode and create a kaleidoscope of colors, the collection symbolizes the bond and unity between the stars, reflected in its cohesive design. The ergonomic and comfortable design of the chairs and stools eliminates the need for cushions, providing a pleasant sitting experience.

Ultralight and Stackable: Kasar’s Event Sector Edge

More than just functional seating objects, the Kasar collection has become an essential element in the event sector due to its super-lightweight design and high stackability. Weighing only 5.5 kg for the bar stool and 3 kg for the stacking chair, these items are exceptionally easy to move and store. Their stackability, up to 25 pieces high for the bar stool and 30 for the chair, along with the accompanying transport carts, make the Kasar collection a popular and practical choice for event organizers, offering both style and convenience.

Flexfurn: Belgian Innovation in Furniture Design

Flexfurn, the company that brings the Kasar collection to life, specializes in creating high-quality furniture solutions for indoor and outdoor use. With a focus on sustainability, all their products, including the Kasar collection, are made from 100% recyclable materials. Their commitment to ergonomic, durable, and aesthetically pleasing designs is evident in the Kasar collection, which perfectly aligns with their mission to provide innovative furniture solutions for various occasions and settings.

For more detailed information, visit Flexfurn’s website.

Kasar by bds in setting
The Kasar collection