iLusmart from iLumen



Innovating the housing for iLusmart’s central computer circuit board – A fusion of minimalistic material use and maximum efficiency.

iLusmart from iLumen installed
November 2023

iLusmart: The Core of Intelligent Energy Management

iLusmart by iLumen stands as a hallmark of smart energy management in the evolving landscape of renewable energy solutions. It’s the central brain of an advanced system, capable of monitoring and managing energy flows and storage while communicating with various devices like inverters and batteries. This smart digital data monitor, compatible with a wide range of energy meters and inverters, intelligently regulates energy flows to optimize consumption and storage, playing a pivotal role in transitioning towards a smart, self-sufficient home​​​​.

iLumen: Innovators in Solar Energy Efficiency

iLumen, the company behind iLusmart, embodies innovation in solar energy management. With a history rooted in solar car racing and a passion for pushing the boundaries of physics, iLumen has developed a suite of products that integrate seamlessly into modern smart homes. Their offerings, including iLusmart, represent a commitment to reducing grid dependency and increasing intelligent energy consumption, thus significantly contributing to a greener economy and a smaller ecological footprint​​​​.

Our Design Studio’s Contribution to iLusmart

While our design studio was not involved in the development of the iLusmart app, we played a crucial role in redesigning the housing for the technology that iLusmart embodies. The housing we developed for iLusmart’s central computer circuit board is a testament to our commitment to integrating technology and functionality in a compact form. Our design ensures a minimum use of materials while housing the entire ‘brain’ of iLusmart, embodying the essence of ingenious and efficient design. This aligns with our studio’s philosophy of creating designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional and material-efficient.