Mecam lounge chair Oliva by bds



This Mecam lounge chair Olivia’s relaxation system functions seamlessly within its structure. The sophisticated mechanism enables varied seating positions without impacting the upholstery of the seat in motion.

Mecam sofa Olivia by bds folded open
Mecam sofa Olivia by bds sieways

The Olivia Lounge Chair: A Revolution in Comfort Technology

The Olivia lounge chair, a product of our collaboration with Mecam, is not just a triumph in aesthetics but a groundbreaking innovation in comfort technology. What distinguishes Olivia is its internal relaxation system, a marvel of design ingenuity. Unlike traditional sofas where adjustments in seating positions often compromise the upholstery’s integrity, the Olivia chair’s relaxation system operates seamlessly within the sofa. This innovative mechanism changes seating positions without affecting the upholstery of the moving seat part. This design eliminates the need for extra fabric to accommodate different seating positions, ensuring the chair maintains its sleek, comfortable shape in every configuration.

Mecam’s Mastery in Seating Comfort

Mecam, renowned for over 40 years of high-end seating furniture craftsmanship, brings this expertise to the forefront with the Olivia lounge chair. The chair’s robust frame, coupled with high-quality suspension and filling, provides enduring comfort. However, it’s the chair’s internal relaxation system that truly sets it apart. This system, developed by our design studio in partnership with Mecam, reflects a shared commitment to innovative comfort solutions. It represents a significant leap in the furniture design, combining practical functionality with a sleek, modern aesthetic​​​​.

Innovative Collaboration and Design Excellence

Our longstanding partnership with Mecam has been marked by a series of successful collaborations, with the Olivia lounge chair as a prime example. This collaboration highlights our mutual dedication to not just creating furniture, but crafting experiences that blend form and function seamlessly. The Olivia lounge chair is a testament to our design studio’s ability to innovate, pushing the boundaries of traditional furniture design to offer unique, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing solutions that stand the test of time