Qines Qlick

Qines Qlick


Qines Qlicks is the ultimate modular storage solution for organized, clutter-free physiotherapy practices.

September 2006

Innovative Storage for Physiotherapy Practices: Qines Qlicks

Qines Qlicks is a revolutionary storage system, specifically designed for the efficient and organized storage of exercise materials in physiotherapy practices and exercise rooms. This system, based on a series of wall brackets with a unique hook profile, offers a simple and affordable solution to keep practice materials orderly and easily accessible. Developed from initial sketches to final production and packaging, Qines Qlicks ensures that every item, regardless of its size, can be neatly hung on the wall, keeping the practice space tidy and free from clutter or tripping hazards.

Modularity and Customization

The core appeal of the Qines Qlicks storage system lies in its modularity and customizable nature. With a universal aluminum profile and interchangeable hook profiles, it allows for a wide range of configurations and adaptable furniture elements. Users can personalize their storage setup using the Qlick configurator, which visualizes the wall and calculates the placement of drill holes, making installation effortless. This system’s flexibility is further enhanced with the inclusion of wooden inserts that fit into the brackets, ensuring that all kinds of practice materials, from small exercise equipment to ointments, are neatly organized and readily accessible.

Gymna: The Driving Force Behind Qines Qlicks

Gymna, a market leader in Belgium with over 50 years of experience in providing equipment and accessories for physiotherapists, hospitals, and healthcare institutions, is the force behind Qines Qlicks. As part of the INDEQS GROUP, Gymna focuses on delivering ‘best practice for the medical professional.’ This dynamic group, encompassing brands like Barthels, Vitamed, Advys, and Architime, strives to be the reference partner for movement specialists, offering over 2,000 different products to enhance treatment efficiency and success.

For more detailed information, visit Gymna’s website.