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Recor Group

Behind the functionality of the designs for Recor is technical ingenuity. Because contemporary sofas, sofa beds or beds are really not just about how they look.

RECOR Grid Sofa by bds
Grid Sofabed unfolding step 1
Grid Sofabed unfolding step 2
Recor Grid Sofabed folded open
Recor Group
January 2015

Functional Elegance: The Conic and Grid

Boonen Design Studio’s creations for Recor Group showcase a blend of style and utility. The Conic armchair and Grid modular bed system exemplify this with their sleek design. The Portofino, a current collection piece, stands out with its elegant lounge, slender arms, and comfortable headrest, embodying BDS’s commitment to aesthetic and comfort.

Sofabed: A Blend of Form and Function

Another hallmark of BDS’s collaboration with Recor is the Sofabed collection. These bed sofas are designed to align seamlessly with other sofas in terms of form and material. BDS’s innovation lies in integrating the bed system into the sofa base so subtly that there is hardly any visible difference between standard sofas and those with the bed system. This design, elevated on legs, provides a sleek, airy look, maintaining technical sophistication under a minimalist guise.

Adapting and Innovating

Recor Group, a Belgian manufacturing company with a rich history, has recently undergone strategic changes to refocus its direction. Known for their handcrafted furniture since 1949, they stands for quality, sustainability, and Belgian craftsmanship. With a renewed focus and the innovative contributions from BDS, Recor continues to be a leading name in the furniture industry, adapting to modern demands while retaining its core values of quality and comfort.

For more about Recor Group and their collections, visit their website.

Recor Conic draaipoot
Conic draaipoot softpink backside
Conic draaipoot 03
Recor Conic draaipoot 001
Recor Portofino sofa by bds
Recor Portofino sideways
Recor Filo M sofa
Recor Portofino Tissue Sofa
Recor-BDS sofas
Recor - BDS - Portofino