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Strollo: Seamless, sustainable buggy sharing—where design meets practical, community-focused urban mobility

Strollo the sustainable buggy in the standard version
Strollo sustainable buggy sharing user app
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Design of Strollo

In the design of the Strollo buggy, our design studio placed a strong emphasis on sustainability, selecting materials carefully for durability and environmental friendliness. Acknowledging its role in shared mobility, the design also prioritizes functionality and hygiene to meet the high standards required for public use. Its unique design language not only caters to the practical needs of those venturing out with toddlers but also reflects a commitment to inclusivity and accessibility, setting a new standard for what a sustainable buggy sharing solution can look like.

Strategic Partnership

Beyond crafting the physical design, BDS played a strategic role in developing Strollo into an extensive sustainable buggy sharing platform, shaping the business model, branding, and launching a user-friendly website with booking features. The creation of native iOS and Android apps, developed in partnership with specialized firms, further emphasizes BDS’s dedication to a seamless experience. This strategic guidance extended to sustainable assembly and maintenance processes, collaborating with social economy sectors to ensure Strollo’s approach is both environmentally conscious and community-oriented, marking a significant step towards responsible shared mobility solutions.

Strollo as a Mobility Solution

Strollo is set to redefine urban mobility solutions starting spring 2024, with our input shaping it as an innovative marketing tool. The platform leverages both the physical buggies and the digital application to offer diverse marketing opportunities, showcasing BDS’s ability to merge physical product design with digital strategy effectively.

More information about Strollo can be found on the Strollo website.

Strollo sustainable buggy sharing branding, website and app