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Empowering independence: Theomatik by Bouncer is a symbol of impactful co-creation in ADL products

Theomatik ADL product
Theomatik showing different sizes of holders.
September 2018

Revolutionizing Independent Eating

The Theomatik was based on the idea of  Theo Willen, a healthcare volunteer at St.-Ursula rehabilitation center, and developed together with Jessa Ziekenhuis vzw as an innovative eating aid for individuals with one-arm limitations. It features a stackable tray for optimal space usage, wedge-shaped openings to clamp various-sized cups, and a small lunch plate with anti-slip bottom and pre-formed cutting shapes. These functional elements highlight Theomatik’s unique ability to facilitate independent eating, enhancing the dining experience with dignity and ease.

Award-Winning Co-Creation

The Theomatik is a prime example of successful co-creation between designers and healthcare professionals. Winning the Henry Van De Velde Audience Award in 2018, Theomatik marked a significant achievement for Bouncer, showcasing the potential of collaborative design in the healthcare sector. This recognition led to Theomatik’s commercialization through Bouncer, a startup on a mission to create impactful ADL products.

Empowering Through Design

Bouncer, inspired by Theomatik’s success, continues to create inclusive, non-stigmatizing products for Activities of Daily Living (ADL). The startup, co-founded by Frederic Boonen, aims to make everyday tasks easier and enjoyable for those with disabilities or limitations. Bouncer’s commitment to “Designed for Dignity” drives its innovation, offering solutions that restore independence and self-esteem.

For more detailed information, visit Bouncer’s Theomatik page.

Theomatik by Bouncer used in hospitals