Dream chair

The Ultra-compact folding chair, Dream, for Siesta by bds

Dream chair

Siësta Furniture

The ultra-compact folding chair. At just 6 kilograms and folding down to a mere 6 centimeters, Dream redefines space efficiency as the world’s thinnest folding chair.

Siesta Dream chair in black folded open
Siesta Dream chair in black folded open sideways
Siesta Dream chair in black stacked sideways
Siësta Furniture
May 2020

The Dream chair stands out for its technical innovation and user-friendly features. Weighing just 6 kg, it is incredibly lightweight yet can support up to 150 kg, demonstrating remarkable strength. Its ultra-compact design allows it to fold down to a mere 6 centimeters, making it the world’s thinnest folding chair and highly space-efficient.

The chair’s stackability is enhanced by its uniquely curved backrest, which ensures secure and easy stacking – a feature especially useful in contract and event markets. With its environmental consciousness reflected in reduced material usage and a selection of six elegant colors, the Dream chair is not just a piece of furniture; it’s a sustainable, stylish, and practical addition to any space.

Siesta: A Legacy of Quality and Functionality

Siesta, a Turkish industry leader in plastic garden furniture, has a rich history of producing quality and durable products since 1978. Known for their innovative approach to furniture design, Siesta collaborates with top designers like Frederic Boonen to create products suitable for a wide range of environments.

Their commitment to producing furniture that is both aesthetically pleasing and functionally robust has positioned them as a prominent brand in over 100 countries. The Dream chair is a shining example of Siesta’s dedication to combining creative design with practical needs.

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Siesta Dream Chair sets
Ultra-compact folding chair stacked in white
Ultra-compact folding chair in white and red